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How to fly with us!

When learning to fly gliders at Sunflower you must belong to both KSA and WSA.

The WSA (Wichita Soaring Association) owns two trainer gliders used for instruction, checkrides, bi-annuals, and general all around soaring. Fees to belong to the WSA are a one time charge of $50, then $2 per month dues afterward.
WSA application (print, sign, scan, email -or- print, sign, mail)

The KSA (Kansas Soaring Association) owns the tow plane and two seat Grob glider. Currently it is $100/yr to belong to KSA which includes the $64/yr SSA (Soaring Society of America) membership as well.
KSA application (print, sign, scan, email -or- print, sign, mail)

If you already belong to the SSA, hold a current FAA glider certificate, and would like to bring your glider out and fly with us at Sunflower... then you only need to pay $50 to KSA to become a member and of course pay your tow charges.
KSA application (print, sign, scan, email -or- print, sign, mail)

If you would like a demo or sightseeing ride at Sunflower, you will need to contact an instructor. Instructors are normally assigned on Saturdays from 12pm to 5pm. Check the April or May Variometer for duty schedule.

If you would like the entire handout on Soaring Kansas you can click here

For a demo or sightseeing ride at Wichita Gliderport, see the SLT page and contact either Charles Pate or Rafael Soldan.

SLT (Sky-Larks Towplane) operates from the Wichita Gliderport. Although membership in the State and National Soaring Associations (KSA and SSA) is beneficial and encouraged, no membership in either of these associations or any other glider club or organization is required to fly at the Wichita Gliderport using the glider, towplanes and flight instructors available through SLT located in the Wichita area. i.e. You may receive tows, glider flight instruction or rent and fly the 2-place Schweizer Model 2-33 glider without being a member of any organization or club. Contact SLT Coordinator, Charles Pate 316-685-5695 home for more information.

WSSA (Wichita Skylarks Soaring Association) also operates from the Wichita Gliderport and currently owns a 2-place, Grob Acro G-103 and a 2-place Romanian IS-28-B2 Lark. Should you wish to be a part owner and fly these sailplanes contact WSSA President, Bob Holliday 316-641-6178 cell Several classes of membership are available. 100% membership approval is required for admission of a new member.

Additional Information: To fly using SLT or WSSA equipment and services, contact either of the above via their individual pages on the left menu or for a tentative Wichita Gliderport flying schedule go to for general information about flying at the Wichita Gliderport see website.

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