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Sky-Larks Towplane was established in 1985 to provide glider-towing service for the Wichita Gliderport. A need to provide other glider services has moved Sky-Larks Towplane to assume coordination and operation of other soaring activities at the Wichita Gliderport, making available easier participation in soaring activities in the Wichita area.

Services available, or coordinated through Sky-Larks Towplane: Towplane and towpilot services, glider rental, glider, motor glider and towplane pilot flight instruction; Biennial flight Reviews; glider pilot and flight instructor examiner services using air tow, ground launch or self launch (motor glider); glider and motor glider introductory flights; glider and motor glider maintenance, repair and annual inspections. Sky-Larks Towplane will serve as coordinator between those who desire any of the above services and those instructors, mechanics, pilots, glider, motor glider, and towplane owners who are willing to provide such service. For current event scheduling see:

Individuals needing, or wanting to provide, any of the above services, should contact one of the following (area code 316 unless otherwise written):

Bill Ashby685-3112Air towing, towplane instruction
Bob Holliday733-5403, 641-6178Air towing, introductory flights, fly-ins
Aaron Martin776-2287, 204-7819Glider and towplane instruction, introductory flights, air towing air towing / instruction)
Dave McConeghey409-9624, 733-8777Glider and motor glider introductory flights and instruction, air towing
Charles Pate831-3440, 685-5695Introductory flights, pilot examiner services, fly-ins, towplane usage
Rafael Soldan706-255-9909 cellIntroductory flights
Chris Winton841-8773Glider and motor glider maintenance, repair and annual inspections

Air tows will be available at the Wichita Gliderport to all qualified pilots on a cash basis at the following rate: $10 plus $5 per thousand feet. A 10% discount is available if certain conditions are met. See **Note 1 below.
          300 foot release altitude $11.50
          2000 foot release altitude $20.00
          3000 foot release altitude $25.00
Gliders and Instruction: Equipment currently made available for rental to qualified pilots is a two-place Schweizer 2-33. Other single and two-place gliders will be sought and may be available.
     Aircraft rental rates:
          2-place gliders $30.00 per flying hour (no minimum charge)
     Glider Instructor rates: (*Although each instructor determines their own fee, expect to pay the following):
          Flight $25.00* per hour
          Ground $25.00* per hour
Introductory flights in a two-place glider will be made available at the Wichita Gliderport and Fly-ins at other local airports. Flights will be with a qualified pilot and will begin with a tow to 3,000 feet and will generally be about 20 minutes in the air. Prior scheduling of such flights is suggested, however, “walk-up” requests will be honored where pilot and aircraft availability allow. Introductory flight charges are: (See **Note 2 below)
     $60.00** in Grob or Lark ($100 if aerobatics desired, requiring: 5000’ tow, Grob and parachutes)
     $50.00** Schweizer 2-33

**Note 1: A 10% discount applies to tow fees and glider rental if paid within 48 hours, properly documented (date, takeoff time, glider, tow height, glider flight time) using a “no fee” account at A “no fee” account is one that is funded from your checking or savings account, that does not charge fees to the seller for each transaction as credit card accounts do. PayPal payments should be made to
**Note 2: A 10% discount applies to introductory flights from the Wichita Gliderport if multiple flights are scheduled for the same session and paid for in advance using your “no fee” account at Include in the “Notes” section of the payment, date and approximate time to begin flights and names of passengers if known. (See note 1 above)

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