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Soaring has been a part of south central Kansas for more than half a century due to the enthusiastic efforts of pilots who joined together to further the art of soaring. There are currently four main associations in the Wichita and Hutchinson area. Each association was formed to serve it's unique purpose and location primarily separates them.

June 7th - June 16th, 2022 - Standard and 20-Meter Multiseat Nationals!
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June 22nd - July 1st, 2021 - 1-26 Championships and Low Perf. Contest!
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Video Coverage by Paul Sodamann
Video Coverage by Quinn Agnew

Sunflower Gliderport - 2019 Club Class Nationals
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Video Coverage of the event

Bill Seed Soaring Scholarship

Sunflower Gliderport (Sunflower Soaring Foundation) is excited to be offering $500 scholarships every year to youth who desire the skill to learn to fly. Read this scholarship document and get it submitted before the deadline!

ssf scholarship

Book your introductory flight with us today to experience soaring first hand, right here in Kansas!

Contact Tony Condon - -or- Jerry Boone -

Sunflower, KSA, and WSA

Sunflower Gliderport is the home of KSA and WSA. The three entities and membership base make up one of the largest, most highly available soaring operations in the mid-west. Each weekend from Mid-April through October, our membership voluntarily fills the calendar positions required to insure safe and ideal soaring operations. These positions include a tow pilot and two line managers being placed on duty, each weekend, from 1pm to 5pm. All members get a turn at providing this service during the season as a way to keep costs as low as possible. Weekend morning training is also available, but not scheduled and depends on the availability of towpilot, instructor, and a wing runner.

If you are visiting and do not need a training glider you will need to belong to KSA (and SSA) to qualify for tows.

We also have several commercially rated glider pilots who can give you a demo flight, your experience will be best if a demo flight is pre-arranged with the pilot, as well as prevailing fair weather and light winds.

Training is available at Sunflower starting in May and continuing through September. One of our volunteer CFI-G instructors can be scheduled for flight lessons, to conduct bi-annual flight reviews, and to checkout members in other club gliders. To receive instruction, you will need to be a member of both KSA and WSA (two separate membership applications). Expect to spend about $175 for membership fees and allow a few weeks for paperwork approval to get your membership started. Contact Tony Condon (KSA) at or Jerry Boone (WSA) for more information. You can also go to the Newsletters and read the Variometer for general information and activities.

The following documents will help you achieve your goals of both becoming a private glider pilot and/or becoming a tow pilot.

Private Glider:
FAA Glider Flying Handbook
Glider Progress Tracking Sheet
Glider Training Syllabus

Tow Pilot:
Tow Pilot Presenation
Tow Pilot Syllabus

Wichita Gliderport, SLT, and WSSA

Wichita Gliderport is the home to SLT and WSSA. To fly, receive glider flight training or receive a tow through SLT at the Wichita Gliderport, you do not need to belong to any organization, club or association. To be a part owner and fly the sailplanes owned by WSSA at the Wichita Gliderport, membership in WSSA is required.

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