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Unless otherwise noted, the following applies to all awards:

Awards are to be made for flights with departure points in Kansas.

All distance and speed flights must start at an altitude of 1000 meters (3281 feet) or less AGL, except the Kowbell Klassic.

No altitude gate is required.

Handicaps, when they are used to evaluate competing pilot accomplishments while flying different sailplanes, will be the current handicaps used by SSA. For sailplanes without a SSA handicap, a handicap will be established by the KSA Board of Directors. For the 2014 season, the SSA 2014 Handicap list, as amended/added to below, will be used (the 2014 list is available on the SSA web page,

Schreder HP-18 - 1.02

When handicaps are used, an additional factor will be applied to any flight if the aircraft is carrying inflight disposable ballast (water) at takeoff. The additional factor will be multiplying the original handicap by .92

Turnpoints will be photographed

The camera does not need to be mounted. Handheld is OK.

No specific film type or processing is required.

Only photographs pertinent to the flight need be submitted. An uncut film strip is not required.

Contest style turnpoint photos can be used for any turnpoint in the KSA turnpoint book.

FAI style photos can be used for any turnpoint.

GPS ground tracks may be submitted in lieu of photographs for any task. The track must have the date and pertinent times displayed on it. It is preferred that the track be submitted in the IGC format. On declared tasks, the ground track must show that the flight path went around the outside of the turnpoint. On pilot selected tasks, the ground track must show that the glider passed within ¼ mile of the turnpoint, in the location for a proper turnpoint photo.

Speed tasks- Allowed methods for time recording:

     Start/Finish gate (ground timed)

     Data back photos of start/finish

     Pilot timed task

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